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About The Rock Claw

Born out of necessity...

This idea came from years past when from building rock walls without having an excavator with a thumb. The method that was widely used was to wrap a chain around the rock to lift it into the position desired. This usually took many tries to get the chain positioned so it would grab the rock without slipping off.  We wanted to keep The Rock Claw as simple as possible and as inexpensive as possible so it could be used on any type of machine that would lift the weight of the rock or even anything that it would grab.


Multiple Applications...

The Rock Claw is completely mechanical with no other requirements other than having a machine big enough to lift the weight desired.  The Rock Claw has the ability to allow the rock to spin 360 degrees if necessary.  We have developed The Rock Claw in three sizes to grab various-sized objects.


Series I is for rocks 200-400 lbs. Priced from $530.00 

Series II is for rocks 400-1000 lbs. Priced from $585.00

Series III is for 900-2000 lb rocks of approximate weights. Priced from $1260.00


It has taken a few years to get The Rock Claw to where we are satisfied that The Rock Claw works to specific specifications and allows for easy use and customer satisfaction. FREE SHIPPING!


Call or email us now for a complete quote for your application.  Sales Tax & Shipping charges may apply.


Series I - Starts at $530.00

Series II - Starts at $585.00

Series III - Starts at $1260.00


ORDER TODAY!!  Free Shipping 


Easy Pricing
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